Opening Games or Boards

When beginning a new game, choose the game to play or the board on which to play for games for which there may be multiple boards. To resume a saved game or board, see Loading Saved Games or Boards.
Access an Anywhere Board Games server. See Accessing ABG Servers.
  1. Choose anywhere on the page. A menu appears. From the menu, choose Open Board. The Open a Board window appears.
  2. In the Open a Board window, in the Select One field, choose a game or board.
Note: If the current game or board is not cleared before a new one opened, the new game or board appears underneath the current game or board. Enable the Clear the current board check box when choosing a new game or board to prevent this.
  1. If a game or board is in progress, enable the Clear the current board check box to clear the display of the board of the game in progress before opening the new game or board. To save the current game or board, see Saving Games or Boards. Otherwise, to leave the current game or board displayed and open the new game or board underneath it, disable the Clear the current board check box.
  2. Choose the OK button. The game or board appears.