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Release Notes

02/15/2015 (abg_v0.150215.exe and abg_v0.150215.tar.gz)
 - New keyboard shortcuts: 
   - Hit SHIFT with clicking to select all pieces under the cursor,
   - Hold SHIFT to scoop up pieces as you drag,
   - Hit CTRL while dragging to pick up another single piece, and 
   - Hit SPACE to drop the lowest piece.
11/26/2014 (abg_v0.141126.tar.gz)
 - Update for new location of Google Hangout API
10/25/2014 (abg_v0.141025.tar.gz)
 - Due to "mixed content" issues, moved sample boards to
   HTTPS locations in Dropbox
08/02/2014 (abg_v0.140802.tar.gz)
 - Speed up Google Hangout updates by combining queued
   updates together
 - Allow partial piece definitions (so that update queues
   can be split arbitrarily without crashing
 - Fixed an issue with z index updates getting too big
07/31/2014 (abg_v0.140731.tar.gz)
 - Fixed an issue with Google Hangout freezing with larger
   piece collections (now allows piece data up to 2K)
01/06/2013 (abg_v0.130106.tar.gz)
 - Fixed an issue with saving a board in a Google Hangout with
10/29/2012 (abg_v0.121029.exe and abg_v0.121029.tar.gz)
 - Allow users to redirect the board to another URL (useful for
   connecting Google+ Hangouts to locally running sessions).
9/15/2012 (abg_v0.120915.exe and abg_v0.120915.tar.gz)
 - Better support for PHP 5.2
8/09/2012 (abg_v0.120809.exe and abg_v0.120809.tar.gz)
 - Added context menu link to on-line end-user help.
7/16/2012 (abg_v0.120716.exe and abg_v0.120716.tar.gz)
 - Improved support for IE9 in both PHP server and Google+ Hangout
7/05/2012 (abg_v0.120705.tar.gz)
 - Added source for Google+ Hangout version of ABG.  To use ABG on
   a Google+ Hangout, just go to:
6/02/2012 (abg_v0.120602.exe and abg_v0.120602.tar.gz)
 - Added the ability to assign custom CSS classes and a JavaScript
   callback for when a piece is moved or rotated.  This is the
   beginning of a series of changes that will allow users to
   script game rules and computer players.
5/02/2012 (abg_v0.120502.exe and abg_v0.120502.tar.gz) 
 - Made manipulating pieces easier with a mouse by having the left 
   mouse button move the piece (or start the pop-up menu if no 
   movement), the middle mouse button flip and move the piece, and 
   the right mouse button rotate the piece. 
3/17/2012 (abg_v0.120317.exe and abg_v0.120317.tar.gz)
 - Fixed an issue with pieces being highlighted upon being touched
   with the standard Android Browser
 - Added confirmation dialog when clearing the board (my daughter
   accidentally cleared the board during a game...)
3/13/2012 (abg_v0.120313.exe and abg_v0.120313.tar.gz)
 - Work to create a consistent feel and better stability
   on touch devices
 - Touch-drag events now initiate multi-select (just like
   mouse events)
 - Touch-based pan/zoom is now done by bringing up a pop-up
   menu and then using touch-drag with the pop-up menu open
 - Pieces that are stacked are now moved to the location of
   the lowest piece, which makes manipulating decks a bit easier
 - Conducted testing on Google Chrome beta for Android (works
   well!)  So we suggest Google Chrome, Safari (iOS), and 
   Firefox for use with ABG.
3/09/2012 (abg_v0.120309.exe and abg_v0.120309.tar.gz)
 - Added HTML form elements to Agricola Express scoreboard
   so players can score their card completely in the
3/07/2012 (abg_v0.120307.exe and abg_v0.120307.tar.gz)
 - Added the game "Agricola Express"
 - Added 3-D rendered dice with POV-Ray source code
 - Custom HTML can be attached to pieces (for links
   and initial scripting)
3/05/2012 (abg_v0.120305.exe and abg_v0.120305.tar.gz)
 - Added Go, Chess, and Reversi (Othello) games (more examples of 
   board and card games you can create yourself)
2/29/2012 (abg_v0.120229.exe and abg_v0.120229.tar.gz)
 - Added a Words (on ABG) game!
 - "Open Board" now provides a select list of built-in boards
   from which to choose
 - You can now open a board from a URL (to promote sharing of boards)
 - Added board pieces including dice, a flipping coin, and player
 - Windows installer now uses Apache (which provides much faster
   update performance with multiple clients)
2/19/2012 (abg_v0.120219.exe and abg_v0.120219.tar.gz)
 - New Windows installer with Mongoose and PHP!
 - Fixed an issue with file locking on Windows
 - Reduced the server timeout for Mongoose to avoid client errors
2/13/2012 (abg_v0.120213.tar.gz)
 - Added intro page for first-time installation
 - Moved the data file into server/data so that multiple installations
   can be done on a single web server
 - Improved error reporting for server-side errors
2/11/2012 (abg_v0.120211.tar.gz)
 - Added rolling animation
 - Improved menu for multi-sided pieces (to make rolling easier)
 - Fixed viewing dietails for pictures with spaces in their
2/8/2012 (abg_v0.120208.tar.gz)
 - Moved back to local jquery and jquery-ui to allow offline play
 - Allows pieces to be resized (you can specify a
   width in pixels for the piece in the edit box)
 - Users can now select "View Detail" for a piece (to make a piece
   fill up the screen so that you can read text or other details
   on the piece)
1/18/2012 (abg_v0.120118.tar.gz)
 - Added checkers and deck images and "abg" files that
   can be used with "Upload Board" to kick-off a game
 - Fixed the ABG icon for favicon and Apple icon usage
 - Cleans up the board when downloaded (removing null entries)
 - Allows users to click on the scrollbar in Chrome
1/1/2012 (abg_v0.120101.tar.gz)
 - Multi-select rotate and shuffle work
 - You can desginate pieces to be "Player Hand Shields", which moves them
   up to the top to hide hands.  A player then can move them locally to the
   back so they can view their hand.
 - Pieces can be edited
12/29/2011 (abg_v0.111229.tar.gz)
 - Got first multi-select methods working (move, lock, and unlock)
 - You can initiate multi-select with mouse through click/drag on the background or 
   a locked piece
 - You can initiate multi-select with touch through a menu on the background or 
   a locked piece
12/25/2011 (abg_v0.111225.tar.gz)
 - Now pieces can have multiple sides!
 - Added flip (for > 1 side) and roll (for > 2 sides)
 - New and cloned pieces are placed on top
12/24/2011 (abg_v0.111224.tar.gz)
 - Brings a piece to front on drag
 - Added ability "Send to Back" a piece
12/21/2011 (abg_v0.111220.tar.gz)
 - Now supports loading and saving board state
 - Defaults to using Google provided jQuery and jQuery-UI (to avoid Chrome log errors)
12/20/2011 (abg_v0.111220.tar.gz)
 - Initial release of PHP5 version
 - Supports single sided pieces, moving and rotating
 - Supports HTML5 browsers and touch events on iOS and Android


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