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Development Roadmap

This is what we hope to implement in the near future:

  • [Done 12/24] Z-index of pieces (raise to top on drag, "Send to Back" menu item)
  • [Done 12/25] Multiple sides of pieces, "Flip" (move between sides) and "Roll" (randomly choose a slide)
  • [Done 1/1] Multi-select of pieces - group pile, flip, move, rotate, and shuffle
  • [Done 1/1] Player shield - A piece can be turned into a shield under which users can drag their pieces, with the option of locally pushing the shield back for their client. This allows users to have private "hands".
  • [Done 2/8] Zoom in to see piece detail
  • [Done 2/8] Resize piece face
  • [Done 2/10] Roll animation
  • [Done 2/13] Intro page and support for multiple installations on a single server
  • [Done 2/19] Released a Windows server installer (using Mongoose as a web server)
  • [Done 2/29] Open a board from a URL
  • [Done 2/29] Open a board from a select list of built-in boards
  • [Done 3/5] Added Go, Checkers, and Reversi (Othello)
  • [Done 3/7] Added Agricola Express and allow custom HTML to be attached to pieces
  • [Done 7/7] Ability to run ABG in a Google+ Hangout

Long-term desired feature list:

  • Chat box
  • Notes box (for score)
  • Open source game collection
  • On-load instructions and help
  • [Partially done!] Client-side JavaScript API and plugin capability - to allow pieces to snap into place


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